Platforms for biomedical research

The partners of the Translational Alliance in Lower Saxony bundle their expertise and infrastructure into platforms. Every member of TRAIN is not actively involved in every platform – each partner and each centre includes his expertise in his priority area. Establishment of new platforms is orientated to the needs of the partner – for example, to bundle the training expertise in the region or to make joint use of cost-intensive technologies. Currently, the following platforms are active in the Translational Alliance:

  • The TRAIN Academy, which currently offers a comprehensive continuing education programme and advanced training courses for scientists involved in translation, in order to fortify the translational expertise in the region and to link the junior scientists;
  • The TRAIN Omics, a merger of Omics technologies in the region Hannover-Braunschweig-Göttingen, in order to take the rapid development of technological development into account and make available, to the researchers in the region, the most up-to-date technologies for their science; 
  • The TRAIN Projects, within which regional research projects are bundled, which are, on the one hand, already particularly orientated towards translation and, on the other, take place in collaboration with TRAIN partners.


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