Omics-network for research in the region Braunschweig - Göttingen - Hanover

The demand for Omics-based technologies in basic and translational research is continuously increasing. High throughput methods in particular have developed rapidly in recent years. Due to the recently-achieved technological maturity of Omics-based technologies, their significance regarding clinical questions is constantly growing, especially in the diagnostic field, in order to elucidate the causes of diseases.

The scientific region Braunschweig - Göttingen - Hanover has a substantive focus on the fields of "infection research", "host-pathogen interactions" and "Omics in microorganisms". In these research areas, several successful cross-location projects have already developed in the region, most of them funded by third-party funds, which require ever more support in the field of Omics technologies. At the same time, the region has a number of well-organized, nationally competitive Omics facilities that are particularly well equipped to meet the requirements of advanced Omics-based infection research. These research centres are all members of the Translation Alliance in Lower Saxony and network their Omics and bioinformatics expertise across cities and institutions.

State-of-the-art Omics technologies for the region

TRAIN Omics is expanding the Omics technologies in the region and making them available to researchers with a joint concept for the cooperative and complementary use of technological resources. This unique cooperation model will improve both the availability for scientists and the efficiency of Omics technologies in the region. Especially against the background of the rapid technological development in the field of sequencing – keyword: Next Generation Sequencing – this cooperation model offers the chance to remain competitive as a community and to provide the region's researchers with state-of-the-art sequencing technologies for their research.

Bundled expertise in various technologies

TRAIN Omics is sub-divided into six subgroups:  The subgroups "Genomics / Transcriptomics", "Metabolomics" and "Glycomics" combine their expertise in the respective technologies. The "Bioinformatics" subgroup is a cross-sectional group that bundles bioinformatics expertise for the preparation and evaluation of the first three subgroups. In the group "Cost and Accounting Models", concepts are developed that make it possible to fairly account for services between the centres and for externally interested parties. "Training and Teaching" bundles training offerings in the Omics area.